Project Description

The parcels of the block east of the retail store were acquired over the years to expand Dunn Lumber operations and loading/unloading.  As we look forward to the next 100 years, this area will need to expand to better serve customers.

There are two elements to our vision: 

  1. Expand our warehouse and reconfigure the staging area to accommodate deliveries by large trucks. This staging area will need to accommodate these trucks without impeding traffic on public streets or customer parking areas.

  2. Improve the site so that it better serves not only Dunn’s operations and customers picking up lumber, but also provide better amenities to the community. Improvements would include an indoor warehouse, offices, as well as opportunities for uses like a market, restaurant, or other retail and below grade parking. The project envisions orientation to the Burke Gilman Trail, with Dunn Lumber constructing and maintaining a public space adjacent to Dunn’s property and the Trail itself.