Site Character

The lower Wallingford neighborhood is an integral part of what makes the Dunn Lumber vision so special. The site itself is located within a block bounded to the north by the Burke-Gilman Trail and NE Pacific St, to the south by NE Northlake Way, to the east by 4th Ave NE and to the west by Latona Ave NE.

Within this block are a number of unique aspects and functions – and within this neighborhood are distinct characteristics and longstanding establishments that the Dunn family want to promote with their vision.


1. Dunn Warehouse

2. Dunn Warehouse Yard

3. Former Queen Anne Painting

4. Burke-Gilman Trail/Parks Buffer

5. Burke-Gilman Trail/Parks Buffer

6. Parks Buffer

7. 4th Avenue NE Stairs

8. Former SDOT Storage Yard (Owned by Dunn Lumber)

9. Gasworks Gallery

10. Dunn Warehouse Loading


1. Neighborhood Park

2. Pacific Avenue

3. Artwork in Stairs

4. Nearby Building

5. Nearby Building

6. Waterway 15 Park

6. Waterway 15 Park

7. Ivar's Salmon House

8. Neighborhood Establishments